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Description Summary

Is your direct marketing GPA high enough? With this college student mailing list you can enhance your marketing campaigns by connecting with students who are currently enrolled in a university or college. This College Students database is enhanced with additional selects such as class year, gender, college attending, field of study, and more. The life of a college student, while not typically extravagant, requires products and services from many different industries. This detailed database of college students will give your business access to responsive College Students who are enthusiastic about offers in various markets.

How Our Data Is Compiled

Our College Students Mailing List is derived from a multitude of public and proprietary feeds both online and offline including: surveys, self-reported individuals, and previous memberships/ purchase history. When you use our data, you are guaranteed accuracy and deliverability. Our compilation team processes the entire database against the National Change of Address (NCOA) file monthly. The list is also CASS certified to ensure further accuracy

Consider The Facts

  • About 80% of college students need some type of financial planning or aid
  • About 65% of high school graduates enroll into college immediately after they graduate
  • Market Type

    U.S. Consumer

  • List Channels

    Postal, Email & Telemarketing

  • Source

    Compiled, Self-Reported

  • Update Cycle


  • Minimum Order

    Quantity: 5,000
    Price: $325.00

  • Net Name

    Floor: 85%
    Minimum Quantity: 25,000
    Run Charges: $10.00 / M

  • Exchanges

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  • Reuse

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  • Cancellation Charges

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  • Sample Mail Piece Required

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  • Commission

    Standard 20% broker/agency commission is extended to all trade partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are the student mailing lists provided derived lawfully?

Yes. Amerilist – Student Marketing List only works with reputable data compilers. All student databases sold or rented are generated in a 100% compliant, legal manner. The data is reliable; we also offer permission-based, CAN-SPAM-compliant student email lists that are opt-in. All of our data products meet state and federal data and privacy regulations. 

Q2. How is the student data generated?

The compilation of our student and educational data has been perfected for decades. Our compilers employ an extensive and rigorous process of sourcing data from public and proprietary data sources, and from exclusive relationships they have developed over time.  Some of these include student and family surveys, public record information, internet sites, media publishers, club memberships, student directories, and several other unique self-reported sources.

Q3. How is the student data updated - hygiene is maintained?

Developing a database of students is one thing but keeping it updated is an even more significant challenge. This is why our entire student list is updated monthly. Because we understand how important it is for our clients to have accurate data, we employ a full monthly update cycle to ensure every address on our list is accurate and deliverable.  

To maintain this highest level of accuracy, our database is put through the following processes on a weekly or monthly basis:

1. Address Standardization:  All addresses are processed through CASS Certified™ software, which allows us to clean, code and standardize addresses on our file.

2. Address Verification:  All files are processed through DPV™ software, and any record , which cannot be validated, is removed.

3. Do Not Call Processing:  All records with telephone numbers are matched to the Federal Do Not Call Registry, all available state Do Not Call Registries and the Wireless Do Not Call Registry.

4. Change-of-Address Processing:  All records are processed through NCOALink™, LACSLink™, and ANKLink™.

5. Suppression Processing:  All databases are matched to the DMA Mail and Telephone Preference files, as well as our proprietary in-house suppression file.

6. Decedent Processing:  Our processing combines direct reporting, utilization of third-party services and internal research methods to identify and remove deceased individuals instantly.

Q4. How much does it cost to rent, buy or license a student mailing-direct marketing data list?

The cost of our various student marketing lists can vary based on the specific database. Generally, student mailing list pricing depends on the type of student database you are looking to purchase and the application or use in which the data will be utilized. Our prices are quoted in a cost per thousand names rate plus any applicable, select charges. 

Q5. How do you help organizations target new prospective students for marketing?

As the leading provider of student marketing data, we have more data and demographics than any other student data provider. Our exclusive school students mailing list will allow you to reach an ever-growing universe of well over 5 million high school students looking for everything from colleges to clothing. Not to mention the millions of adults looking for continuing education or re-enrollment. No matter what the offer is if the target audience is students, we can help you connect with them. 

Q6. Why should I consider buying student marketing lists from Amerilist?

Simple. We are the best provider of student data. Let the numbers speak for themselves; Amerilist has been in the market since 2002; with almost two decades under our belt, we have perfected our craft of student marketing lists. We work with more compilers than any other provider, and we have more data than any other compiler. 

Q7. Do you sell student data to brokers, ad agencies, or resellers?

Yes. We sell our student mailing lists to brokers. To purchase student data as a reseller, you must furnish clear and detailed information on the mailer.

Q8. How do you maintain student and minors privacy?

Maintaining privacy is not just a catchphrase around here. It is a very serious matter—especially when dealing with data on this sensitive and vulnerable audience. It all starts with the way our data is compiled and the aggressive measures our compilers enforce during the data capture process. We always require a sample mail piece. Data transfer is conducted by following all security protocols.