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Technology +Data Collaboration.
We are the nation’s first choice in the student database and mailing lists with access to over 60,000 databases, 100% backed permissions, and CAN-SPAM Act compliant.
Amerilist offers you the most encyclopedic and comprehensive student mailing lists/ and Student Email Marketing lists compiled through the National Consumer Database, U.S Consumer Database, and multiple sources.

Amerilist student data has been empowering businesses for the last 15 years. We know when the market ticks. The world is messy enough to let your hopes down. Your wrong decision must not add to it.

Your Data is your asset 

Student mailing lists and Student data 

Student Database is the heart of a good mail marketing strategy. It helps businesses to generate targeted lists for various direct marketing communications. Student Marketing Lists that connect you to most receptive groups. As a data-driven firm, our information is refined from a geographical, demographic, psycho graphic, and behavioral point of view.

Our Mission

To boost every business to reach their maximum potential through our services and stand proud of every opportunity that comes their way. We love it when our partners say- “WE DID IT”.

Our Vision

To have a panoramic presence on the global platform leaving no stone unturned in the world of data innovation.




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Enjoy a highly reliable data base for all your marketing list needs.

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What We Offer


Well! If it is all about data. Then don’t be satisfied with anything less than perfect data. We implement prominent technology to compile and store our data. Assimilated student mailing lists must pass through all our testing procedures for accuracy, legality, and security. We are thrilled to have accomplished such success and ready for the next chapter.

Result focussed

In 18 years of our market presence, we have set new benchmarks in the data compilation industry. Result-oriented efforts are our priority. We do not like beating in the bushes. We plan, evaluate and act. We are your marketing shoulder that you can rely on. 


Every business has unique needs. To cater real-time data, enriched services demand higher-order of intentions which only Amerilist has achieved. We take care of all your inquiries patiently and offer tailored solutions within your budget. We deliver products that you want.


Businesses often shy away from questions that they are uncomfortable answering to. We know why? It is because what every greed-driven company secretly wishes is to practice “less data and more money”. Amerilist rises above these petty tricks. Transparent operation and authentic information is an element we stand by. From Start to finish, we are ready for your challenges.

Expert Advice

We know that a wrong turn can cost us to drive miles back in our journey. No business deserves to suffer due to misguided risk calculations. At Amerilist, each of our clients is handled by expert and senior team members. They are extremely good listeners and farsighted advisors who have spent their lifetime studying the marketing industry.

24x7 support

At Amerilist, we truly believe the saying- “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. You can call us for anything. Unless it is for ordering pizza. Although, we will love to taste it with you at our  productive meetups. You can seek our expert advice through our 24×7 client support.  

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