Generating student leads online is not a cakewalk for any educational organization, whether it is a top university or a high school. It requires time, energy, patience, and a set of killer strategies. 


Some tricks work for a few, while others have to take a different approach while building their online presence and generating quality student leads


With Covid-19 hitting the world, every educational institution is resorting to building its online presence, increasing the competition many folds. 


We can divide the pursuit of generating leads into two significant steps:

  1. Bringing prospect student traffic to your website.
  2. Converting that traffic into leads.


We will discuss what you can do to bring prospective students to your site and how you can get them to hit on the ‘apply’ button. 


Bringing Prospect Student Traffic To Your Website


  1. Email Marketing: Nowadays, most educational organizations rely on the power of student marketing lists.


Having the right student mailing list allows an organization to interact with the targeted students directly in their inboxes by introducing the student to what your institution offers if they intend to study there. Keep them updated with your newsletters, fundraisers, upcoming events, and courses. 


The famous phrase “in sight, in mind” fits well here. As necessary it is for the right students to reach you, it is equally important that you contact the right students. 


Buying a college student mailing list or a high school student mailing list will immensely change the course of traffic on your website. 


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  1. Social Media Marketing: Social media platforms have more than 59% of the world’s population as their active users. Hence, in this scenario, one can not afford to miss out on an opportunity to market on such platforms. 


And talking about the young minds, they love to be on every social media platform to stay connected socially and like to keep themselves updated in every domain through social media mostly. So, it is only wise to invest some marketing costs in placing advertisements on digital platforms. 


Along with the paid campaigns, efforts should be put into posting campus pictures on Instagram, videos of a campus tour, or faculties taking up Q & A about common topics on Youtube. Also, starting a discussion over relevant issues on Twitter will put the organization across as a thought leader to the students. 


There are several other platforms, which in our opinion, can result in an increased student application for your institution. Also, putting ads on social media will cost a minimal amount compared to the potential traffic it is going to bring.


  1. On-page and off-page SEO: Students nowadays like to research what they want to pursue and where they want to study from. 


The first step to optimizing a website is to understand the demographics of the ongoing traffic on the site. For this purpose, Google Analytics can be used; it is free and easy to use. 


Also, both on-page and off-page SEO need to be considered. On-page SEO will ensure that the website has excellent content with the right keywords that will help it rank higher in Google searches. As most users like to use their smartphones for search, it is important that the mobile version of the site also loads smoothly. This will also be taken care of by the on-page SEO. 


On the other hand, Off-page SEO will help the website get relevant links from reputable and appropriate sites. This will increase the chances of the website ending up ranking a few spots higher in the search engine rank.


  1. Content marketing: We all know that content is the king. That is why one needs to have a strong content strategy. The website should have content that is in sync with the institution’s culture and beliefs. For example, the website can have articles related to how your university or school will help the students build their future. 


Having alumni write some kind words stating how studying in the institution helped them get their dream job could help the student feel more connected to the institution. 


While writing the content, the thing that needs to be kept in mind is using the right keywords. For that, one can do his research or take professional help. 


  1. Paid campaigns: Another powerful method to reach out to the mass is to place paid campaigns on search engines. But it has to be done using the specific AdWords. This will draw the target students’ attention whenever they perform a relevant search. 


Converting the Potential Students into Leads.


Now that we have successfully brought potential students to the website, it is essential to convert them into leads.


  1. It is good to keep the website design interactive yet simple, so it is easy for the student or any other user to navigate through the website. 


Do not forget to include multiple conversion events, which will eventually compel students to hit the “apply” button. Offer an opportunity for the students to interact with the admission representative directly. The best option is to have a live chat box so that the potential leads can ask whatever queries they have.


  1. Keep the landing page neat and clean. Eliminate all the unnecessary links and add from that particular page so that the student’s whole focus is on the “apply” button.


  1. Make sure the forms are easy to fill.


  1. Invest in a virtual open day- Virtual open days save a lot of costs compared to their offline counterpart. Also, anyone can attend from the comfort of their home and make up their mind. This will also save the student’s travel costs as they do not have to follow the open day physically. Students can choose which webinar they want to attend, and this gives the students freedom of their virtual experience, enabling more meaningful event interactions and increasing the enrollment rate. 


  1. Give the students a virtual tour of the campus, including local attractions, so that students have a clear idea of what their life will be like if they enroll in the school or university. The tour can be made with the help of professionals. Nowadays, Google Street View is also used to provide a panoramic view of the campus. There are tons of software available in the market for this purpose.




We would suggest that taking the services of higher education lead generation companies that develop effective marketing solutions to drive high potential prospective students will be the best idea.


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