Talking about enrolling students via offline mode is somewhat tricky and time-consuming. Don’t you think? On the other hand, online mode is comparatively quicker and more beneficial for students and institutions.


But even student enrollment via digital marketing can be tricky. Professional course providers and institutions need to handle the competition and find the best marketing strategy to acquire the highest percentage of students.


Especially in Covid times, when education patterns are modified, there’s a difficulty that has made things worse. You may want to know how- Remote Learning: Challenges in Data Collection in COVID-19. 


But the good thing is, we can mould digital marketing strategies as per our needs. We just need that tint of light to pave our way through the darkness. So, let’s pave the way and talk about how to accelerate student enrollment via digital marketing. 


Here are some tips that you may implement in your marketing strategies and reach a step closer to your goals.


How To Accelerate Student Enrollment via Digital Marketing?


To invite more students towards your institution, you’d need to pull up a trick here and there. While this sounds intriguing, things always don’t go as planned. But they can if you’re willing to put in every effort and consistently track your performance. Monitoring is an essential piece of the cake within digital marketing. 


Content Marketing


When content marketing is practised right, it can help to strengthen your education institution’s brand significantly. People consider content marketing to be one of the essential strategies to improve online presence. 

Since people utilize search engines and social media regularly, content marketing has earned the top spot for educational institutions to promote themselves. As per Content Marketing Institute, “Nine out of ten students are likely to use the internet to find the next study destination or pick their future career path.”


Email Marketing


From preschools to colleges, universities, and professional course providers, every type of educational institution can benefit from the power of email marketing. According to Statista, in 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users. This figure will grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023.

Email marketing is one of the premium ways to increase student enrollment. You can use it to inform students and parents about upcoming events, create interest in fundraisers, and keep prospective parties informed about what’s happening at your institution. You can easily purchase a  student mailing list to make your work easy and effective. 


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Social Media Marketing


When students search for professional courses, they are looking for world-class programs or facilities and faculty and searching for a place where they can fit in. Students and prospective candidates can connect with your institution 24/7 through the power of social media. 


Being a part of the educational industry, you need to understand what students want and start to use social media to share your campus culture through Instagram photos, YouTube videos, Tweets and more. With social media, you can elevate student enrollment and bond with them on a more personalized tangent.


Paid Advertising


With more students looking for online sources for searching for the perfect professional courses, a paid advertising campaign can go a long way to improve your inquiry and application rate.


Earlier, paid advertising used to be optional for professional course providers, but now it’s becoming essential as competition is heating up. With the righteous strategy, even a small amount spent on paid advertising can positively impact admission numbers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Gone are the days when prospective students ask their acquaintances or seniors for the best professional course institutions in the city or country. Nowadays, they rely on search engines, especially Google, to start their search. Most of the time, they tap on the URLs of an education provider, which has a powerful presence in the organic search results.


According to Tsunela, “67% of internet users usually use search engines as their first source of information for higher education institutions”. SEO helps to make a better digital presence and build a connection between prospective students, hence a chance to increase student enrollment.




Apart from the above strategies, the one thing institutions usually ignore providing personalized touch in digitized communication. It makes students ambiguous and doubtful regarding the institution they’re enrolling in, for that matter. 


So, to avoid such things, you must make an effort to give that tint of personalization to students, which provides them with the satisfaction that they’ve chosen the right school/college. And the best way of doing so is using email marketing(as discussed above). Choosing appropriate student’s data heightens the chances of making a personalized bond.


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