High school senior begins with candidates reaching age 17-18 looking to enrol in colleges nearby or foreign countries. The year is often considered a year to relax as the graders prepare to transition from school life to college life. In Stanley Hall’s words, the age group is categorised as the age of Storm and Stress. Students face multiple challenges and choices at this stage and work up their way towards finding a balance between work life and school life. 

Colleges can benefit by contacting students during these peak years, as the senior students are already looking for someone to offer accurate guidance. You can imagine slipping in their email inboxes right when they were typing the keyword- “best colleges near me.” How amazing would that be? 

Traditional Barriers In Finding Good High School Senior Mailing Lists 

We are sure you would agree that unlike challenges colleges and universities must have faced in the absence of internet facilities, luring and obtaining student data mailing lists today is far easier and accessible. There was no certainty to locate the number of students in the country, difficulty identifying the number of total colleges being registered annually, number of senior pass-outs, and many more.

Since there were no dedicated institutions like these earlier, the absence of various students looking for colleges, universities, faculty, alumni and other associated universities presented the stated barriers. For example- if you wanted to look for ways to Get a High School Student Mailing List, The visitors had only a limited number of choices to exploit and that too, if they were lucky enough to find a good organization. Prestigious organizations such as Student Marketing List have consistently focussed on accumulating student data into one place to create organized processes.

Why Is Student Marketing List Your Best Option To Get The High School Student Mailing List?

Student Mailing List compiles an organically accumulated and authentic high school students mailing list that gives you access to over 5 million American high school students and their parents. This critical demographic incorporates an ideal database for colleges, organizations, institutions, universities looking to connect with potential new students. If you are still wondering why a student marketing list is your best option, here are some exclusive data that we have accumulated for you to answer your query: 

Fall 2020 Student Enrollment In Colleges And Universities 

Picking a college after high school and beginning the application interaction can quite possibly be called the most energizing excursions that most youngsters experience. As candidates start to toil for institutions that fulfil their education needs, we believe that it all begins with a far-reaching authentic email list that integrates with current youngsters and seniors who are effectively introspecting their academic future. 

Sourced from probably the most well known portable applications, online school and coaching locales, including test prep offers, these understudies are prepared to make the following strides in their serious schooling endeavours. Thus, a list catering to these vast numbers of advanced education offers, including investigating thousands of approaches to finalise one perfect list, is a must acknowledged need. 

The below-mentioned statistics belong to data sourced from direct responses and internet surveys filled out by students and their parents/guardians as collected by National Center For Education Statistics.

  • About 19.7 million students attended colleges and universities in the fall 2020 
  • 12.0 million students attended full time 
  • 7.7 million students attended part-time
  • 16.7 million students joined undergraduate programs 
  • 3.1 million students joined graduate programs
  • 14.6 million students joined public institutions 
  • 5.1 million students enrolled in private institutions
  • 5.8 million students participated in 2-year institutions  
  • 14.0 million students secured admission in 4-year institutions

The data represented in millions is a collection of varied groups of high school students from previous years, and this student data is expected to rise by the year 2022. An ideal high school student email list will bring you close to this number of students. 

How To Get High School Student Mailing List?

America’s high schools will welcome back a record number of students in the upcoming years. According to previous year data presented by National Center For Education Statistics- “College enrollment in fall 2020 rose to about 6 per cent.” 

This fall, as the US population continues to grow, it is expected that high school students’ rate will also increase. We offer comprehensive solutions for your high school student mailing list. You can now avail certified high school student mailing lists segregated for your convenience, such as:

How Student Marketing List Can Help You Cut Down To The Chase

Student Mailing List is the vital catalyst in data usage that has been offering high school student mailing lists to institutions across the United States. Our database is a collection of high school senior students with proper names, dates, contact details, addresses looking for continuing their education and joining new courses